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Programas de TV sobre tu horóscopo que debes mirar

16 de marzo de 2020

Deja que tu horóscopo prediga cuál es el siguiente programa de TV que deberías ver.

Not sure whatTVshow to watch next?Cox customers withContour tvhave access to hundreds of shows on cable and streaming services.While having tons to choose from is nice, trying to narrow down youropcionesisnoeasy task.Instead of spending hours flipping through channels,let the stars decide. Here areTVshow recommendations based on yourastrologicalsign.


Aquarians are truth seekers and problem solvers.Mysteries, thrillersand shows with a lot of plot twistswill be sureto keep their minds occupied.HBO’s original series,Westworld,is abouta fictionalworldwhere robots pose as humans.La complex storylineswill keep an Aquarian busy trying to figure outwhat’sreal andwhat’snot.


Pisces are compassionate people who like to root for the underdog.Schitt's Creek isa binge-worthy, hilarious series on Netflixabouta rich family who loses everything and is forced to move to a motel in a small town called "Schitt's Creek." A Pisces willbe able to relate to the main character, played by Eugene Levy, as he and his family tryto rebuild their legacy and wealth from the ground up.


Some of the biggest stars are Aries, including pop divas like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. And one thing all big stars have in common is ambition and melodrama. Ariescan relate to competition shows where people are striving to make their dreams come true.Shows like The Voice on ABC or America’s Got Talent on NBC willkeep an Aries entertained and may even inspire them to try out.


Taurus are represented by the bull for a reason. They are known as steadfast peoplewhoprefer to go at their own pace.That said,they’dlikelyprefer a show that’s been running for a while, so they cantake their time watching it.Grey’s Anatomy has beenon the airsince 2005 and is still going strong. With years of doctor drama content and 1-hour long episodes, a Taurus will have enoughTVto watch fora very long time.


Sithere’sone thing a Gemini can’t standes being bored. They need constant entertainment and thrive on other's drama. RealityTVis practically made for them. Showsfrom the Bachelor Franchise likeThe Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorettewhere contestants compete against one another for lovesonsure to keep them occupied all year long.This show is prone to spoilers, so if you want to be the first to know the drama make sure towatch it livesobre ABC the night each episode premieres.


Cancers arevery emotional and family-oriented people. Oncethey’rein lovethey’recommitted forever.This is Ussobre NBCis the embodiment of romance,relationshipsand keeping the love alive. ACanceris bound to fallporthis heartwarming story of a family with an unbreakable bond.


Represented by the lion,Leos are the leaders of the world.They are confident individualswhoseek attention.If any show is fit for aroyalLeo it is the Netflix original, The Crown.The Crown is the story of the royal family and all the drama that comes from being in the public eye. It has politics, romance and scandal - everything a Leo could possibly want in a show.


Virgos arevery complicated people. Theirperfectionist tendencies puede make them appear uptight and judgmental, butthey are actually great listeners with sympathetic hearts.Broad City is a comedy about two female characters trying to get a grip on adulthood. Virgos will be able to relate well to the struggle of everyday life while enjoying a few laughs at the charactersexpense.


Libras are all about spreading positive energy to those around them. They are amazing hype people and loyal friends to have around.Romantic comedies and lighter sitcoms like Modern Family are perfect for happy-go-lucky Libras.They’ll enjoy watchingthis quirkyTVfamily come together in full support of one another,no matter how crazy their decisions may be.


Scorpios are intensepeople that feel everything deeply. A Scorpiowhohas just been dumped can be self-destructive, butnot even a broken heart can keepthemdown for long. Scorpios love to come back strong and can easily relate to characters likeMidge Maisel ofThe Marvelous Mrs. Maiselon Amazon Prime. After suffering a horrendous divorceand nearly falling apart,Midgebegins building a life as a stand-up comic in an era when females weren’texactlybeing welcomed on stage.It’sa story every Scorpio can stand behind.


Sagitarioare archers, so naturally they are straight shooters.They appreciate honesty andasmidgen of dark humor,makingShamelesson Showtime the perfectseriefor them. This show is about a dysfunctional family stricken with poverty in the south side of Chicago. However, theydon’t pretend to be anything other thanthe hard-workingthievesthat they are.Theircrazy antics will have a Sagrolling on the floor with laughter.


Much like the ram that represents them, Capricorns are relentless and stubborn. They set big goals for themselves and will put up a good fight to get whatever it is they want.That’swhy any Capricorn should be able to see themselves in thecharacter,Selena Meyers,from the seriesVeep.Veepisa political satire comedy about aVice President trying to leave behinda legacy despite the odds. It's practically written about a Capricorn.

Starting a new show isn't an easy task. But if the stars align and you go in with an open mind,you’re bound to find something you love onTV.

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