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Optimiza tu hogar y tu Wi-Fi con los principios del Feng Shui

09 de octubre, 2019

Aprende a organizar tu espacio para mejorar tu creatividad y tu conexión Wi-Fi.

Your living space cangreatly impacthow you feel on a day-to-day basis. Ifyourhome isn't sparking creativity or a sense of comfort, then it's time to change things up. Doing a littleFengShuiaround the house can help promote a good flow of energy and may evenhelp optimize yourWiFi para un mejor funcionamiento general del hogar. Here's how toFengShuiandwhatameshnetworkcan do to improve yourhome-life.

What isFeng Shui

Basically, it's theprinciplethat arranging your space in a certain way can helpachieve peace, balance and overallpositivefeelings. By keeping your home open and free of clutter,you canopenpositive energy flow.

IncorporatingFengShui en tu casa es un proceso, que no tiene por qué ser problemático. Hazlo ambiente por ambiente y paso a paso. Overtime,you'll strike the right balance needed for good energy flow.Here arefiveprinciples to keep in mind:

Keep the Path to the Front DoorClear

Si deseas que fluya energía positiva en tu casa, debes despejar el paso. Having clutter or debris around your front door isn't very inviting.Sweep, clean, declutter, wipe down the door and shake out the mat.Theentrywayis the first thing people see when entering your space, yet it'soften the most ignored.Give it some love and it will invite good energy in.

Quita el desorden y los objetos innecesarios

Certain objectscan prevent energy from flowing in and evenobstructyourWiFisignalstrength.Clutter can build up slowly over time and begin impactinghowyou feelwithout you even realizing it. If you're having trouble concentratingorrelaxing,or the internet is doesn't seem to be assnappyas it once was, look around. Tal vez es momento de ordenar tu espacio.

IfyourWiFistill isn’t picking up speed afteryou’vede-cluttered, cleaned up debris and thrown away unnecessary objects,considerameshnetworksolution.A mesh network,or awhole home wifi system,canextendWiFithroughoutyourhouse. And abetter internet connectioncan only promotemoregoodenergy!

Let theLightIn

Natural light caninvigorate youand brighten up your space. Instead of spending time in a dark room, let the light in by opening the blinds and windows.You'll also want to regularly clean the windows so you can see your space with more clarity andvibrancy.

Relaja el ambiente

After you’ve removed all the dirt, debris and clutter from your home, clear your spacebysmudgingor lighting a candle. To smudge, open all the doors and windows and carry a burning stick ofPaloSantoto each room in the housewhilesettingan intention for yourspace.Thinking good thoughts can translate to good energy.

Incorpora plantas

InFengShui, plants are everything. Placesome greeneryin each room and watch yourenvironmentcome to life. Plus, keepingaplant alive is an accomplishment that can only make you feel good.

When your space is crowded,it canimpactyour mind.Rearrange, organize and let the good energy flow!

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