Cox Answers the Phone and Says “Hello” to Continued Growth
Cox Sees Record Year-Over-Year Gains in Phone Subscribers

ATLANTA - Cox Communications, Inc., gained a record number of new telephone customers in its last twelve months of operations. The company announced today a gain of approximately 372,000 new residential telephone subscribers, a year-over-year increase of more than 21%.

“Cox continues to dial up new customers for phone service, demonstrating how much consumers enjoy purchasing all of their telecommunications services from one trusted provider,” said President Pat Esser. “Now in our tenth year of providing a bundle of video, voice and Internet services, consumers clearly understand and appreciate that Cox delivers a superior service experience.”

Although the competitive markets for multichannel video service, telephony and high-speed Internet have never been more competitive, Cox ended the quarter with strong gains in each service category and significant growth in bundling. Continuing to deliver on Esser's vision of a "line in every home," the company also saw greater success with non-video customers.

For the quarter, Cox achieved:

  • 5.5 million basic video subscribers; 0.9% growth
  • 2.9 million digital cable subscribers; 13.2% growth
  • 3.5 million high-speed Internet subscribers; 15.2% growth
  • 2.1 million telephone subscribers; 21.2% growth
  • 3.6 million bundled customers; 13.3% growth
  • 5.9 million total residential customer relationships; 2.3% growth
  • 470,000 “non-video” residential customers; 20% growth

In its newest VoIP-enabled telephony markets, customer acquisition is exceeding expectations, pacing 50% higher than past launches in traditional circuit-switched markets.

Cox is facing aggressive video competition from satellite and telco providers in its markets but still delivered one of its strongest recent quarters in basic video growth. "We know that some video customers will try new video services as they are introduced, but we've already seen some customers return to us," said Joe Rooney, chief marketing officer. "For every video customer the phone companies have connected to their new video services in our footprint in the past year, we've connected more than 50 phone subs."

Cox's early vision and commitment to telephony is also bringing significant returns to the company via its delivery of commercial telecom services to small- to medium-sized businesses. Cox ended the quarter with more than 187,000 commercial customers, reflecting 32.2% year-over-year growth.

“For ten years, Cox has been committed to making good on the promise made to consumers in the 1996 Telecommunications Act – a promise of more choice for telecommunications services,” said Esser. “There were many skeptics when we launched Cox Digital Telephone in 1997, but today Cox is considered one of the best phone companies in the country, providing vital and reliable phone service to more than 2 million residential and commercial customers.”

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Cox Communications is a multi-service broadband communications and entertainment company with more than 6 million total residential and commercial customers. The third-largest cable television company in the United States, Cox offers an array of advanced digital video, high-speed Internet and telephony services over its own nationwide IP network, as well as integrated wireless services in partnership with Sprint (NYSE: S). Cox Business Services is a full-service, facilities-based provider of communications solutions for commercial customers, providing high-speed Internet, voice and long distance services, as well as data and video transport services for small to large-sized businesses. Cox Media offers national and local cable advertising in traditional spot and new media formats, along with promotional opportunities and production services. More information about the services of Cox Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, is available at, y

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