Cox Enterprises Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Cox Conserves
National sustainability program focuses on operations, employees and community

ATLANTA, April 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cox Enterprises announced today the fifth anniversary of Cox Conserves, the company's national sustainability program. Launched in 2007, Cox Conserves seeks to reduce Cox Enterprises' energy consumption by embracing renewable forms of energy, conserving natural resources and inspiring eco-friendly behavior.

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"At Cox, we have always prided ourselves on being good corporate citizens," said Cox Enterprises Chairman Jim Kennedy. "We have a long tradition of giving back to the communities where we do business. Being an environmental leader is an important way for us to continue this tradition. We've found that doing what's right for the environment is also good for our business, good for our employees and good for the community."

Cox Conserves is a multi-faceted program that looks at where the company operates and finds ways to lessen its impact on the environment. Below are examples of initiatives completed to date:

Alternative Energy

Cox actively identifies opportunities to harness solar energy and employ fuel cell technology. To date, these alternative energy projects save 17,400 tons of carbon - equivalent to removing the pollution created by more than 3,000 cars. Twenty-five percent of Cox Communications' electricity in California is generated through alternative energy.

Eco-Friendly Fleet

With more than 12,000 vehicles, Cox Enterprises has one of the nation's largest fleets. Cox embraces eco-friendly vehicles and uses technology such as GPS Fleet Management Solutions to lessen its impact on the environment. Ninety percent of Cox Communications' bucket trucks are zero emission vehicles when the bucket is in operation.

Energy Conservation

Across the nation, Cox has identified multiple ways to conserve energy, including: lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), building designs and more. These projects are preventing more than 14,000 tons of carbon from entering the environment.

Water Conservation

Cox's Manheim subsidiary utilizes water in its car detailing process, so it developed Water Conservation Centers at two of its larger locations. Combined, the two centers treat 57,000 gallons of wastewater per day, remove 92 tons of contaminants annually and return cleaner water to the system than what was originally used. Cox also utilizes water conservation features such as motion-sensored faucets in many of its locations. Overall, Cox is conserving 20 million gallons of water on an annual basis - enough to fill 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Waste Management

Through its waste management program, Cox Enterprises annually recycles 60,000 cubic yards of material. Many Cox companies also host employee and customer electronics recycling events that have collected more than 250 tons of recyclable e-waste.

Community Engagement

Earlier this month, The James M. Cox, Jr. Foundation announced a $5 million gift to the PATH Foundation. Through the company's partnership with American Rivers, Cox employees have collected more than 4.5 tons of trash during river cleanups. The Cox Conserves Heroes program, created in partnership with The Trust for Public Land, recognizes local environmental volunteers. To date, the program has honored 18 volunteers and donated grants to each of their environmental nonprofits of choice. Across the nation, Cox companies support countless local environmental nonprofits.

Cox Conserves engages each of the company's major subsidiaries (Cox Communications, Manheim, and Cox Media Group) and encourages Cox Enterprises' 50,000 employees and their families to engage in eco-friendly practices.

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